Yoga Blog Tour – What Yoga Has Taught Me

Welcome to my blog post, a part of the March 2019 Fraser Valley Yoga Teachers Blog Tour. #fvyogateachers My name is Paula Young and I’ve been teaching Yoga for the last 6 years. I came to my mat 11 years ago following my last knee surgery, having no idea what I was getting myself into. I left that first class feeling so alive, awake, like I actually was aware of my breathe for the first time ever! It was such an incredible sensation being connected to my body, moving in atypical movement patterns, challenging my strength and flexibility, in this mindful way, especially after the trauma of experiencing 3 knee surgeries within 3.5 years all before I was 17.

person rolling green gym mat

I knew pretty quickly I wanted to pursue yoga and all it had to offer. In the summer of 2012, in the midst of my Board Examinations to attain my Registration as a Massage Therapist in BC, I completed my 200 hour intensive yoga training. It was an incredible first step into my role as a teacher of yoga, but an even bigger step as a student of this ancient practice.

I was and am continually blessed to discover the healing benefits yoga has to offer, physically, mentally and emotionally. For being an introvert, the pleasant beauty of community and shared experience consistently astounds me. This sangha (community) reminds me that we are not alone. Not alone in our trauma nor our healing of it. We are as one, learning and recalling our inner wisdom that who we are, what we are, in all our imperfection is perfect, in this very moment, albeit all the subtle and blatant ways we are told we are not.

I came to my mat over a decade ago to help heal my physical wounds. The way many do. To attain more and easier mobility throughout my body. Visually see myself as a stronger, capable, more beautiful version of myself, thinking that the asanas (physical postures) would unlock these secrets. I have and continually see physically fit, beautifully smiling, photos of people in all sorts of contortions. Without judgment, but with years of observance, yoga is so, so much more than this. I am so much more than how my body looks, or moves. My mind, my heart, my soul and this beautiful vessel that contains it, my body, is whole. While marked by my years and experiences on this earth, I am loving my body. I am more than my body, and yoga teaches me this. How I feel as a whole, be it pleasant, unpleasant or neutral, is what this elusive teaching is all about. To embrace each moment, for it is just a moment, and like all others it will pass, so be in it, I say.

This is what yoga has taught me. At least so far. And if you who are reading this are wondering, yes, I have learned to move and be in my physical body in a more pain-free existence with increased strength and range of motion in my previously injured joints. My practice fluctuates, shifts, and even gets put to the side at times, yet it is always there for me to come back to when I recognize the lack of harmony in my life. While I like to teach yoga, I love to learn about this ancient wisdom tradition even more. So whether you come to your mat as I once did, to purely soak up the physical benefits of yoga, or you are seeking more from your practice, yoga is there for you, in whatever capacity you need, with no judgement on what your experiences or beliefs are.

Come join myself, or any of the other incredible yoga teachers who you can follow on this blog tour from earlier this month or yet to come. You would be welcome!

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